Over the past several years, Towson Manor Village and surrounding communities have vigorously opposed dense, high-rise development within the Towson Triangle due to conflicts arising from increased traffic, storm water management, parking deficiencies, light and sound pollution and the general aesthetics of our skyline.

Our opposition to BMCT zoning within the Towson Triangle has been well established, and the CZMP requests in issues 5018 and 5023 from DMS Developers and the American Legion will allow even larger buildings with less parking and little input from the surrounding communities and stakeholders who will be most dramatically impacted.


If our government is functioning to represent its citizens, it is difficult to see how the County Council could consider supporting up zoning to BMCT for either of these issues. We are the citizens; we are their constituents. This is the moment where they show your voters if they side with them or with developers.

Both of these issues conflict with the Baltimore County Master Plan 2020, which identifies the operating zoning plan for this area as the Walkable Towson plan. This plan identifies the Towson Triangle as a transition zone between the downtown, the university and the neighborhoods.

BMCT will expand downtown into the Towson Triangle and remove the transition area between downtown/university and the neighborhoods.

There are unanswerable questions about the impact of Towson Row on traffic, storm water management, and school overcrowding, and it would seem prudent for the county to allow this development to take shape and realize its impact before granting additional large-scale development just across the street.

That could cause significant public services issues in the future, particularly regarding the failing intersection at York Road and Burke Avenue and should be strongly considered.

To date, Towson communities have spent thousands of dollars fighting against overdevelopment that will damage our communities: money and energy that should be spent supporting local businesses and improving our public spaces.

We are willing to work with developers, but we need you to be our advocate and represent our voice. This is the County Council's chance to listen to their constituents and vote against issues 5018 and 5023 regarding upzoning to BMCT properties within the Towson Triangle.

Joe La Bella, Towson

The writer is president of the Towson Manor Village Community Association.