Why did a judge praise BGF mastermind Tavon White?

Why did a judge praise BGF mastermind Tavon White?

Say What? According to The Sun's front-page story, "Ex-gang leader gets 12 years" (Feb. 10), a long-time Black Guerrilla Family leader found guilty of murder in 1997 and attempted murder in 2009 as well as initiating, orchestrating and recruiting inmates, guards and jail service workers to bring in drugs, contraband, and directing the distribution and sale of drugs in and out of prison was effusively praised by a federal judge.

Tavon White, 37, was described by Federal Judge Ellen L. Hollander as an "excellent witness" and told by her that he "he did an excellent job." The fact that Mr. White snitched on people who he was responsible for recruiting and probably intimidating to perform a host of dangerous and illegal acts that he profited from seems to be lost on the admiring judge. The fact that he did not get a single second added to his original sentence ought to tell us all we need to know about her. Even she should be able to realize that Mr. White took "how to snitch for fun and profit" to an all time high.

Part of the tragedy is not just the chaos he inflicted on the jail but the terrible violence and lawlessness in America's inner cities created and reinforced by this admired by a hapless, clueless judge.

By the way, this super slick dude also fathered at least four children by female correctional officers guarding him! Among her other accolades, Judge Hollander told the BGF Cupid "he has the tools to succeed." Indeed.

R. C. Monk, Towson

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