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Chemical attack remains unproven

Our elected officials and the media are competing as to who is more dumb or corrupt in their approval of military actions against the Syrian government, a government that is simultaneously fighting al-Qaida aligned Jihadists and ISIS ("What's next for Syria?" April 8)! As with the Iraq war, there is widespread belief in the false reports about weapons of mass destruction.

Once again, no one is questioning the propaganda that "proves" of the "use" of "chemical weapons." There has not been any credible investigation of the "gas attack" by any qualified independent group. The British government convinced the United States to blame the Syrian government for a chemical attack against its people, even though no credible motive could be ascribed to it. The U.S. military is once again being used to defend British, Saudi and Israeli geopolitical interests. Where is the outcry about U.S. and British support of Saudi genocide against the Yemeni people, killing thousands of civilians and starving hundreds of thousands?

The catastrophic results of a war against the Syria and possibly Russia will be worse than the Iraqi and Libyan wars; this one will result in World War III.

Martin Glaser, Arbutus

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