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Supreme Court decisions won't limit women's rights [Letter]

Jenny Black, the president and CEO of Planned Parenthood of Maryland, has condemned the Supreme Court's Hobby Lobby decision and another case striking down a Massachusetts law barring protesters from coming within 30 feet of an abortion clinic ("In 2014, why are women still struggling to get basic health care?" July 2).

Yet both rulings are small steps in the recognition and restoration of the inalienable rights of religious freedom and peaceful protest. Neither decision extends rights nor abrogates the rights of others.


Ms. Black vilifies American employers with religious beliefs as "bosses" who "force their personal beliefs on employees" and slanders peaceful protesters as "extreme anti-women's health activists."

In her position as Planned Parenthood CEO, Ms. Black must know that current Maryland law prohibits harassment and intimidation and that it is strictly enforced. Yet she claims that the Supreme Court decision gives "activists a green light to use intimidation tactics" and "to harass women seeking care."


I totally agree with Ms. Black that women should control their destinies. But if Ms. Black is truly pro-choice, why would she deny any pregnant woman immediate, free access to the full spectrum of information and counseling?

As friends and neighbors, the pro-life sidewalk counselors (unpaid, trained volunteers) are on site at abortions clinics to offer pregnant women the option of both information and social, spiritual and practical help during their pregnancies and afterward.

Mary Catalfamo, Baltimore


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