With his latest solar boondoggle, O'Malley must be gunning for a cabinet post

Let me see if I have this right. We are going to pay $60 million for a solar project at Mount Saint Mary's University for which the kilowatt hour rate is "well-above current cost" ("Largest solar power project under way," Sept. 30). The solar panels may well be made in Malaysia or Germany, and a grand total of two permanent workers will be added to the payroll?

I'm no rocket scientist, but I can divide $60 million by 2 employees and figure out the latest boondoggle promoted by Gov. Martin O'Malley is costing $30 million per employee. Governor, President Barack Obama would be proud of you. When Energy Secretary Steven Chu is run out of town because of Solyndra and other highly questionable solar "deals," Mr. Obama doesn't need to look far for a replacement does he? You've got this wasteful expenditure thing down pat, don't you?

When is this madness going to stop? In 2012, when we run the "greenies" out of Dodge and we can drill, baby, drill.

Craig R. Piette, Reisterstown

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