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Revive Md. smog rules

What not let regulations to reduce air pollution stand, Governor Hogan?

Baltimore has some of the worst air pollution in the nation and, by no coincidence, some of the highest rates of pollution-related lung disease in the nation. That's why the Maryland Department of the Environment engaged in a years-long process to develop regulations to reduce smog-facilitating pollution. MDE tapped the expertise of health and scientific experts as well input from all of the stakeholders, including the polluters, in negotiating compromise regulations.

However, the words of Gov. Larry Hogan's oath of office still echoed in Annapolis when he killed those clean air regulations. The first day of Earth Week we read ("Hogan revises smog rules," April 18) that, reacting to a problem of his own creation, the governor proposed "emergency" regulations. It's an action so Orwellian that I suspect George Orwell himself would blush.

It's like a child who killed his parents claiming mercy because he's an orphan. We had perfectly good, scientifically validated regulations. Why not let them go into effect and clean up the air we all breathe?

Chris Yoder, Baltimore

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