Readers Respond

Fish Smithson and 'Eastside Pride'

Smithson, a Baltimore native who graduated from high school in Utah, was a second-team All-Big 12 honoree last season. The senior safety led the Big 12 in tackles as a junior with 111. Smithson also led the country in solo tackles with 7.9 per game.

It was wonderful to awaken on Labor Day and read a heart-warming article about someone from our community who serves others, and especially so since it was coming from a part of the city often seen in a negative light ("Molded by Baltimore upbringing, Kansas safety Fish Smithson gives back 'as much as I can,'" Sept. 5).

Mr. Smithson is an example of something we have attempted to instill in our East Baltimore young people for many years, especially those with academic or athletic ability. We call it "Eastside Pride."


We encourage them to make the most of their God-given talents, to do well, to not forget where they came from and to give back.

Mr. Smithson's story is exhibit A of many of our stories of young people coming out of East Baltimore without many of the material things others take for granted but nevertheless doing the best they can with what little they had.


Thank you Mr. Fish for continuing the tradition and we look forward to watching you on Sundays next year as a fellow "poor boy from East Baltimore."

Nathaniel McFadden

The writer represents Baltimore City in the Maryland Senate.