Readers Respond

A catchy moniker that's also true

Finally, a slogan to be proud of that speaks the truth about Baltimore and who we are ("New city slogan nods to city's star-spangled history," Jan. 12).

We've had way too many embarrassing monikers.


I hope the people of Baltimore will take pride in our history and once again set out to accomplish great things.

Using the slogan "Baltimore: Birthplace of the Star-Spangled Banner" only to promote tourism is just so trite. Can't Baltimore business leaders look beyond commerce and the almighty dollar?


We need an attitude adjustment. Now we have something to be proud of that also happens to be true. Painting benches with "Baltimore, the greatest city in America" or "Baltimore, the city that reads" came across as a sick joke — and an opportunity for vandals to tell the truth.

No doubt cult film director John Walters will come up with a "smart-alecky spin" on our new slogan and Downtown Partnership president Kirby Fowler will find some way to incorporate the slogan into a marketing campaign. But I believe the important task is getting the people of Baltimore to recognize our new identity.

Baltimore has much to offer, yet we need to communicate better. We must stop all the griping and hostility and learn to work together. With a better spirit of cooperation and pride in our history, we can do great things.

Rosalind Ellis Heid, Baltimore