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Sun soft-pedals Clinton scandal

What if FBI had dropped a bombshell about Trump?

The Sun's coverage of the scandalous reopened criminal probe into Hillary Clinton's possible violation of federal laws in using a private email server is shameful.

You buried a story that was on the front page of most papers nationwide. Not only that, but the headlines to the articles were innocuous. It should have been something along the lines of "FBI reopens criminal probe into Clinton emails" which would have been an honest and truthful. And it should have been the lead story on the front page. Now I ask your readers to ask themselves, if the FBI reopened a felony investigation into Donald Trump, would it be a banner headline day after day at The Sun? Of course.

Also, we now know that the acting head of the Democratic National Committee and a paid contributor to CNN, Donna Brazile, gave the Clinton campaign questions in advance of the CNN debate and a town hall meeting ("Donna Brazile dropped as CNN commentator over WikiLeaks revelations," Nov. 1). Again, imagine if the head of the Republican National Committee gave Mr. Trump questions ahead of time, it would have been full-page coverage on the front page of The Sun instead of the soft-pedaling given the latest Clinton revelations.

Top all of this with the knowledge that Bill Clinton and U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch met secretly on an airport tarmac for 39 minutes, allegedly to talk about grandchildren and golf (yeah, right), shortly before FBI Director James Comey's July announcement that her crimes wouldn't normally be prosecuted.

What is normal? We have never had a major presidential candidate under FBI criminal investigation during an election. Was a deal made promising Ms. Lynch a Supreme Court appointment or guarantee of reappointment as attorney general?

The Sun continues to be no more that the propaganda arm of the Democratic Party.

Al Thompson, Perry Hall

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