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Obama administration defies Maryland's will on seismic testing [Letter]

As a lifelong Marylander, I am dismayed by the decision to open the coast to seismic testing ("Some Maryland lawmakers oppose seismic testing," Aug. 4). Maryland's delegation made their message clear in a letter to President Barack Obama: "Keep seismic air guns and oil rigs out of our waters and off the East Coast." By voicing their opposition to opening up the Atlantic to oil and gas exploration, they join over 200 elected officials from the national, state and local levels of government, including 27 members of Congress from states in the blast zone, an area twice the size of California, from Delaware to southern Florida. Coastal communities are voicing their concerns about the damaging effects of seismic air guns. So far, 18 coastal towns, dependent on fisheries and tourism, have passed resolutions to oppose seismic testing.

With a majority of Maryland's delegation opposing the administration's decision and Gov. Martin O'Malley having come out against seismic air guns, will we start blasting Maryland's waters and building oil rigs in the near future? If the administration continues to give in to the pressures from the oil and gas industry, this will be a reality much sooner than you would think.

Victoria Robinson, Gaithersburg

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