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A post-Labor Day school start would benefit students and their families [Letter]

The majority of Maryland public schools are slated to start the week of Aug. 25 after this year's summer break. While I was on the Baltimore City school board, whenever I spoke with families regarding the opening day of school the question invariably arose: "Why does school start a week before Labor Day?"

A changed start date for school shouldn't be mandated by the state. But local jurisdictions should certainly seek input from students, parents, teachers and stakeholders for feedback on district school calendars.


Students end a two-month summer vacation only to look forward to another break over the Labor Day holiday. It is important to recognize that many families depend on government benefit that generally are distributed on the first day of the month.

If schools were to start after Labor Day it would allow families to be better prepared for school and give parents more time and money to shop for supplies and uniforms. In addition, we would also see an increase in attendance during the first week of school.


Cody L. Dorsey, Baltimore

The writer is a former student member of the Baltimore City Board of School Commissioners.


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