Why Dems can't stand to see Hogan succeed

Mandating schools open after Labor Day is popular with parents.

Liberal Montgomery County Del. Eric Luedtke complains that Republican Gov. Larry Hogan's executive order mandating the school year begin after Labor Day is terrible policy ("Hogan and Franchot: Profiles in pandering," Sept. 2).

Like a good Democrat, Mr. Luedtke carries out the instructions given him by the teachers unions and puts forth many red herrings as to why extending summer vacation for seven or eight days will bring about the end of the world.

Many private and parochial schools begin after Labor Day without any problems. Neither would well run public schools that focus on the well being of students and not the well being of teachers union members.

Mr. Luedtke's real complaint is that, try as he and his fellow Democratic lawmakers might, he has not had any success in sticking it to Governor Hogan for the past two years. He can't bear the thought that Mr. Hogan would start a policy that is popular with Maryland families and may require his union masters to actually be creative and work efficiently.

Thus he and his union pals are simply trying to create problems where none exist. Mr. Luedtke claims that a book about Mr. Hogan and State Comptroller Peter Franchot, who also supports the later opening date for schools, should be called "Profiles in pandering." I have a title for a book about Mr. Luedtke: "Profile in whining."

Robert C. Erlandson, Ellicott City

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