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Former Balt. Co. executives like Wes Moore for governor | READER COMMENTARY

As former Baltimore County executives, we know the importance for local officials to have a partner in Annapolis. Whether responding to a public health crisis, renovating and building schools, making our neighborhoods safe by leveraging every state resource to drive crime down, rebuilding aging infrastructure, improving transportation access — leadership in Annapolis matters.

Wes Moore knows what’s needed to bring about progress. That is why we enthusiastically endorse him to be the next governor of Maryland (”Maryland gubernatorial hopeful Wes Moore raises most cash as election season approaches,” Jan. 20).


Wes will work tirelessly to ensure that every child in Maryland has access to opportunities and every family has the chance to improve their work, wages and wealth. Wes knows that our communities must be safe and secure, and the state must play a significant role in making this happen.

Wes is raising his family in Baltimore. He knows that Maryland cannot succeed if the Baltimore region does not.


Wes graduated with honors from Johns Hopkins and earned a Rhodes Scholarship. Driven by a sense of duty, he joined the Army and led soldiers in combat.

Wes has the leadership experience Maryland needs from our next governor. For the past four years, Wes was the CEO of one of the nation’s largest anti-poverty nonprofits. Under his leadership, the organization raised and distributed over $600 million to help lift families out of poverty. But Wes never left Baltimore, commuting to New York and launching national initiatives to bring the organization’s impact to Maryland.

As county executives, we know there are not Democratic potholes and Republican potholes to fill, Democratic schools and Republican schools to build, Democratic and Republican water main breaks to repair.

There is simply work to be done and we do that work better when we work together to make a difference.

Both of us are proud that during our tenures we worked regionally with Democratic and Republican officials to make Baltimore County a better place. We worked hard for communities that supported us and just as hard for those that did not. That is how government should work. And that is exactly the type of governor Wes Moore will be.

Jim Smith, Mays Chapel

Don Mohler, Catonsville

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