A lot more people at fault at University of Maryland

The scandal at University of Maryland College Park should not end after the recent General Assembly hearing, (“Many questions, few answers on Maryland football scandal at General Assembly committee hearing,” Nov. 15). There's a lot more culpability to be sorted out.

How is Athletic Director Damon Evans, whose job it was to supervise coach DJ Durkin, still in his job? How are the regents who voted to keep Mr. Durkin still on the governing board? How is Chancellor Robert Caret, who showed no leadership in this matter despite his $700,000-plus salary still in place (“Dump Maryland's Chancellor and Regents,” Nov. 6)?

The lack of moral compass in all these individuals is an outrage and they should not be allowed to continue to serve our state in any leadership capacity. All of you should resign so we can start over and erase the stain on our state and higher education.

Sheldon Caplis, Baltimore

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