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Ehrlich ignores vulgarity on President Trump's side

Former Gov. Bob Ehrlich in his commentary, “A pundit and gentleman” (July 16), correctly bemoans the coarseness in which our public discourse has descended. He then inexplicably focuses almost exclusively on the vulgarity used by the anti-Trump crowd, totally ignoring the fact that it is President Donald Trump in his incessant cyber bullying tweets who is largely responsible for this sad state of affairs.

Just consider some of his more recent statements. President Trump called Charles Krauthammer a clown and liar, author Harry Hurt a dummy dope, Sen. Rand Paul a lightweight and spoiled brat, Hillary Clinton a crook, Karl Rove a dope, and so on. There was a time when our nation’s president was considered a role model for the country and especially our children. With this president, it is best to keep our children far away from him.

Jack Kinstlinger, Towson

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