Trump has already been a big success

As far as I am concerned, President Donald Trump is successful because of his Supreme Court appointment. Anything else is a bonus (“What’s wrong with the Trump base?” Nov. 27).

I am seeing that the "swamp" is very deep and tenacious. Anything President Trump does to drain that is good for our country. I did not vote for Mr. Trump because I liked him as a person but for what he said he would do for our nation. If he can contain North Korea, build some legitimate wall or barrier to slow illegal immigrants and especially drugs from Mexico, rebuild our relations with Israel, lower corporate taxes back to realistic levels and, most important for the stability of our cities, work to encourage men to support and help raise the children they father, he will be very successful.

And even then I may not like him as a person, but I will respect him for what he has done to help our country. And that is what is important.

Dave Dougherty, Pylesville

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