If you take a look at President Donald J. Trump's time in office so far he hasn't achieved much.

All of the reasons for the election of President Donald Trump (e.g., building a wall, “draining the swamp,” etc.) don’t hold water. He was not elected to do any of those things. He won because he was not Hillary Clinton (“Lowe: Trump gets coal in his stocking this year,” Dec. 25).

He has referred to himself as the consummate deal maker, yet he has only pulled the country out of deals (NAFTA, TPP, Iran deal, Paris accords, the Russian arms deal). He has negotiated a new deal with Canada and Mexico, which from all reports is not that much different from NAFTA and still has to be approved by Congress, which is not a certainty.


He promised a wall, which from the beginning has had well less than 50 percent support in the country. He promised that Mexico would pay for it, which is clearly not happening.

He said he would bring the best people to Washington to “drain the swamp.” Instead, he re-stocked the swamp with some of the most crooked (EPA head Scott Pruitt, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke) and incompetent (HUD Secretary Ben Carson, Energy Secretary Rick Perry, VA Secretary David Shulkin) people ever to serve in government.

He has clearly believed that he could run the country as he ran his business, where he could tell people what to do, continually insult them and have them come to him on their hands and knees to make deals. Of course, his Atlantic City casinos went bankrupt, his university was fraudulent and his foundation has closed due to fraudulent practices. Has anyone enjoyed a Trump steak recently?

He has insulted virtually all of our allies, including Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, while praising Russian President Vladimir Putin, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un ( with whom he “fell in love!”), Philippine President Rodrigo Roa Duterte , Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohamed bin Salman and Chinese president Xi Jinping.

He obviously has no clue how tariffs work. He claims that money is “pouring in” from China, while it is the importing country, not the exporting country, who must pay. This has caused companies to pass on costs to American consumers and in part has caused tremendous disruption to world financial markets.

As far as collusion is concerned, when the president says ”Russia, if you are listening...” what does common sense tell you? He denies knowing about the meeting at Trump Tower to get dirt on Clinton. If you believe that this controlling narcissist didn’t know about and direct this meeting, you really haven’t been paying attention to how he operates.

When his tax returns are finally revealed, I predict we will see several things, including how much he, his family, his business and his wealthy cronies have benefited tremendously from the tax law changes. We will also see that his decisions regarding Russia and Saudi Arabia were controlled by his financial relationships with both countries.

We are nearly the only country not to support the Paris climate accords, which by the way, do not put the U.S. under any special financial obligations.

We have a president who viciously insults any person who doesn’t agree with him or shows any backbone in making a comment he considers as not supporting his view. He especially singles out women and people of color for his disparaging comments.

It is up to his wife to deal with his extramarital affairs, but the fact that he continually lies about them does make it a criminal concern.

His supporters will point to his appointment of Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court as example of his successes, however, it was not his “stable genius” that did anything to create these vacancies. He merely appointed people to vacant positions.

Finally, with the over 7,000 documented lies he has told in less than two years in office, why would anyone believe anything he has to say?

Jon Jacobson, Ruxton