Hating Donald Trump - even poetically - doesn't mean he's wrong

Tricia Bishop wrote a cute poem, but it’s still the same old song about hating President Donald Trump (“A visit from St. Mueller?” Dec. 6).

No matter if President Trump disappears tomorrow, the feelings and the resolve that brought him will still exist. His personal shenanigans aside, the people rebelled against the socialist, liberal slide to the far left under Barack Obama. The message of Mr. Trump’s election was clear as a bell — no more of Bill and Hillary Clinton and their ilk and their sleazy foundation. President Trump may be wrong often with incidental facts of who, when and where, but the basic direction of the country is correct.

France recently discovered what a population will not accept. President Obama was heading that way with oppressive, economy-killing environmental decrees. Ridiculous fuel economy standards and $49-a-gallon taxes will only promote more adverse reactions by our citizens. Far-left socialists will never upend our country. We will not become Venezuela!

Dennis M. Quinn, Parkton

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