Does the press make Trump look worse than he is? Judge for yourself

President Donald Trump recently declared, “The press makes me more uncivil than I am. … The press creates a different image of Donald Trump than the real person.”

I will concede that his mainstream press coverage has been more negative than any I can recall for any president in my 65 years. Forty-six percent of voters even believe the press completely fabricates negative Trump stories.


Therefore, consider only how President Trump describes others in on-the-record quotes or in Twitter posts, disregarding both press interpretation and what he has been quoted saying behind closed doors.

The president of the United States has publicly described others as:

  • “Toxic”
  • “Wacky”
  • “Low I.Q.”
  • “Horrible, horrible liar”
  • “Disgusting, both inside and out”
  • “Ugly, both inside and out”
  • “A slob”
  • “Frumpy and dumb”
  • “Truly dumb as a rock”
  • “Truly weird”
  • “Totally unaccountable”
  • “Knowingly dishonest and basic scum”
  • “Sleazebag”
  • “The enemy of the people”
  • “Bad for our country”
  • “S--- for brains”
  • “Damned dishonest”
  • “Un-American”
  • “Very corrupt”
  • “A hack”
  • “Trying to take away our history and heritage”
  • “Lightweight”
  • “Totally inept”
  • “Very phony”
  • “Grandstander”
  • “Showboat”
  • “Sleazy”
  • “No-talent”
  • “F------ loser”
  • “A real nut job”
  • “Weak, weak, weak”
  • “Disgraceful”
  • “Wacko”
  • “Who I’d like to punch in the face”
  • “Basket case”
  • “Absolute scum”
  • “Pathetic critic”
  • “Failing, failing, failing”
  • “Crooked”
  • “The dumbest human being”
  • “Fat pig”
  • “Mentally sick”
  • “Bad-or-sick guy”
  • “Bully”
  • “Neurotic and not very bright mess”
  • “Dumb as a rock”
  • “Unattractive inside and out”
  • “Goofy”
  • “Disaster”
  • “Frankly disgusting”
  • “The gift that keeps on giving for the GOP”

This was far from an all-inclusive list, given space limitations. A third of voters will reflexively defend whatever their president says or does. The rest of us must judge for ourselves. Are these the words of a president capable of rudimentary civility necessary to govern or mere projections of a bully?

Steve Shearer, Lutherville

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