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Donald Trump seeks to be king of chaos

When he ran for president, Republican Jeb Bush called Donald Trump the “chaos candidate.” Mr. Trump is now the chaos president. Having brought us closer to war with North Korea, he will now further destabilize the Middle East by officially declaring recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel (“Jerusalem: A self-defeating provocation,” Dec. 7). Our friends and foes alike see this as a dangerously upsetting move. As he isolates the U.S. from our allies, he diminishes our world influence and creates more tensions. And President Trump does this with a secretary of state who has called him a “moron” and who is expected to leave office before long with a State Department whose professional staff has been severely depleted and without a credible foreign policy advisory team. Why?

Everything about the Trump presidency is about Mr. Trump. The chaos is his attempt to deflect attention from the Robert Mueller investigation and, concomitantly, to try to guarantee that he’ll stay in office. People tend to rally around leaders in times of external crisis, and Mr. Trump is creating crises so he can play at being a leader. In addition to his base, he’s now got the Republican old guard acting like lap-dogs. Unless someone stands up to him, we’ll all pay dearly before the chaos ends.

Bradley Alger, Baltimore

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