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Masculinity can be toxic so it is OK to cry when watching Bambi

Shockingly, I read that the American Psychological Association has issued its first official warning against toxic masculinity, (“'Traditional masculinity' officially labeled 'harmful' by the American Psychological Association,” Jan. 9). All these 74 years I have been living with a toxic problem and nobody felt necessary to inform me. All those years wasted in the gym developing my six-pack! Watching the Hallmark Channel alone in the dark so I could cry with no one seeing me.

The report was aimed at helping practitioners care for their male patients “despite social forces that can harm mental health.” They went on to discuss the traits of true masculinity, many of which I suffer from. Achievement, eschewel of the appearance of weakness and adventure risk. Yes, I’ll finally admit it! I eschewed a lot and I was actually proud to eschew. Can you imagine what this could do to the Hollywood trends of masculinity? Out will be stars like Clint Eastwood and Brad Pitt. The new male hero models will be Tiny Tim, Don Knotts and Rowan Atkinson, who plays Mr. Bean.

The new battle cry will no longer be strong and angry, but to be a wuss and a very psychologically happy one at that. Cry at romantic movies and don’t be afraid to show your weaknesses. Be proud of them. Don’t be afraid to cry when watching Bambi and sing old songs along with grandma and watch SpongeBob SquarePants with your grandchildren and love it. I urge everyone to please read the report “Guidelines for the Psychological Practice with Boys and Men.”

Let’s finally put an end to limiting “males’ psychological development.”

Stas. Chrzanowski, Baltimore

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