A Thanksgiving toast from a two-time Guinness Reunion Toast Contest winner | READER COMMENTARY

Thanksgiving with its bounty of food, wine and holiday spirit often calls for a good toast. File. (PeopleImages/iStock/Getty)

I was fortunate to be named a winner in the Guinness Reunion Toast Contest the past two years. Because of that, I have been called on numerous times to come up with toasts for various occasions. A holiday like New Year’s Eve is probably best suited for a toast, but I got to thinking that Thanksgiving would be a perfect setting as well if one wanted to address family and friends (”In the midst of bounty, too many Marylanders go hungry. Here’s how you can help.” Nov. 16).

The toast could follow the prayer (if there is one). So what should we toast? I thought I would assist by writing a few options:


We gather together on this most special day

And think of the loved ones lost on the way.


Let us count all our blessings

Among us the living

And raise us a glass on this feast of Thanksgiving.

Here we are now — all gathered together,

Another year older; no worse for the weather.

Let us raise us a glass and heed to the call.

Happy Thanksgiving; may God bless us all.

Let us cast aside politics and things that divide


As we sit ‘round the table ourselves unified.

Let us hope for peace with hearts most forgiving,

Raise a cup of kindness on this day of Thanksgiving.

We certainly wish to be reverent but a little humor is always welcome: Let us raise a glass to this fine feast of fall

Turkey, stuffing, friends and football

A time to relax; no time for sorrow


Please help us all — Black Friday’s tomorrow!

Here’s to our relations — they make for good theater.

There’s bound to complainin’ — sooner than much later.

We’ll work our way to enjoy the meal.

With several bottles of wine,

May your Turkey Day be quite the deal


With no one out of line.

If all else fails, there is always, “Cheers!”

— Thomas Ponton, Columbia

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