Readers Respond

Tax dollars shouldn't support the dying horse racing industry

I read Pamela Wood’s reporting on the Laurel Park and Pimlico racetracks (“Baltimore mayor sues Stronach Group to seize Pimlico, block move of Preakness to Laurel,” Mar. 19) and as an American taxpayer I'm outraged that precious taxpayer money is going to support horse racing.

When are these politicians ever going to learn? Why should taxpayers, to the tune of $120 million, support an antiquated business model that has not been financially self-sustainable for years? Why should casinos and millions in casino profits go to the tracks?


If the government regains possession of Pimlico then that bill will be $420 million, while neighborhoods around the track are ghettos like Calcutta. Politicians should build some affordable residential units in place of these dilapidated tracks that can no longer financially sustain themselves. How about some children's playgrounds or some daycare?

Aside from the total waste of money, horse racing is an antiquated business model that kills and maims racehorses every single day — end of story. There's no justification whatsoever to continue this death and corruption ring.


When are any newspaper articles ever going to focus on the taxpayers who are footing the bill for Frank Stronach, a multi-billionaire? Why should people pay for a business that can't stand on its own two feet?

This has got to stop.

Please permit taxpayers’ and racehorses’ voices to be heard, not just the horse racing industry.

Gina Powell