Are you really ‘pro-life?’ These actions can demonstrate it. | READER COMMENTARY

Pro-Life supporters Grace Miller 11,  left to right, Luke Miller 13, Leo Miller 5, and Faith Miller 15,  hold signs at a Pro-Life rally at Federal Plaza Friday, June 24, 2022, in Chicago, after the Supreme Court overturned Roe vs Wade. (AP Photo/Paul Beaty)

I understand that people who regard themselves as “pro-life” are very pleased with the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling (“Court rulings on state abortion bans across the US are mixed amid a flurry of post-Roe activity,” June 29). I don’t necessarily agree with that point of view, but I do understand that it comes from a concern about human life and religious beliefs. This letter is not about abortion but the larger opportunities that this ruling provides for the “pro-life” community.

Whether the mother is a confused teenager, a mature married woman who knows her family cannot feed another member, or a victim of incest or rape, with this battle behind them, “pro-lifers” have many opportunities to support her and her infant. Here are some:

  1. Health care for mothers and babies before and after birth;
  2. Counseling for victims of rape, incest and domestic violence so they can be better moms and not pass their trauma on to their children;
  3. Adoption services;
  4. Safe and secure housing;
  5. Parenting classes for mothers and fathers;
  6. Basic baby needs for people who can’t afford them;
  7. Nutritional information;
  8. Affordable, professional child care so mothers can earn money to gain independence and provide for their children;
  9. Job training;
  10. Increased preschool programs like Head Start;
  11. And education in high schools to help boys and girls avoid unplanned pregnancy (Talking about it in the classroom is not going to put ideas in their heads, as the ideas are already there).

Catholic Charities, a respected organization that supports the “pro-life” point of view, does amazing work to provide many of these services. Anyone can individually donate to them or help raise funding for their programs. Some might even want to establish a new organization in their town to help these precious children, mothers and fathers. Or they might decide to volunteer and get to know firsthand some of the babies for whom they have preserved life.

I know many are committed to the “Right to Life” movement so I hope now that the Supreme Court has ruled on abortion they will consider these additional ways to show support of life.


— Susan Sachs Fleishman, Baltimore

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