Readers Respond

New superintendent offers hope in Balt. Co., but that's familiar territory

Dr. Darryl L. Williams is the new superintendent of Baltimore County Public Schools.

The recent appointment of Darryl L. Williams has left Baltimore County residents in a rather familiar position: a position of hope (“Balt. Co. superintendent: Promising choice, horrible process,” May 22). As a student in Baltimore County, I hope Mr. Williams is a good fit. I hope he will bring much-needed change from the previous administration. I hope he will stand up to the school board, but I also recognize the limitations of hope.

Hope gave us Dallas Dance. Hope gave us this school board. And hope gave Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh. Hope will not be enough to enact the changes county residents want to see such as climate control in every school and fair internet access. There is a point where a community must stand up to its government officials when they fail to serve its needs, and for Baltimore County that point was reached when Mr. Dance was sentenced to four months in jail for white collar crimes.


The election of a passionate supporter of school reform to the position of county executive is a promising step, but if we have learned anything from this recent appointment process it is that there is much more to be done. The only way the current government can evolve into one that truly represents the will of the people is if it is consistently held in check by its constituents. We must make our voices heard, whether it be at the ballot, town halls, or board meetings and for once do more than just hope for the best.

Eric Derr, Towson