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Justice in squeegee killing did not lie in juvenile court | READER COMMENTARY

Becky Reynolds, surviving sister (foreground) and Shannon Reynolds (left), widow of slain motorist Timothy Reynolds emerge from juvenile justice court with family and supporters after a judge ruled that a teen squeegee worker charged in the fatal shooting of Timothy Reynolds near the Inner Harbor will be tried as an adult Thursday., Nov. 17, 2022. (Karl Merton Ferron/Baltimore Sun)

Letter writer Sally Neustadt says that the young man who shot to death Timothy Reynolds should be remanded to the Maryland Department of Juvenile Services rather than face life imprisonment (”Teen charged in squeegee killing should be tried as a juvenile,” Nov. 17). But she doesn’t take into account the fact that Reynolds had only a bat in his hand and, after yelling at the group of squeegee workers, had turned to get back in his car, when he was shot several times anyway.

As a juvenile, the shooter would be released at age 21 if not sooner. If that is his punishment, I doubt that it could be considered adequate.


— Arthur Shefrin, Baltimore

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