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Size, and conservative bent, matter with Sinclair | READER COMMENTARY

The headquarters for Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc. is located just off Interstate 83 in Hunt Valley. File. (Steve Ruark/AP Photo).

When covering Sinclair Broadcast Group, I think it would be helpful to add additional context. Saying that Sinclair is based in Hunt Valley and owns Fox 45 would lead a reader to believe that it is a local interest group when, in fact, the company is very large national company owning or operating “294 television stations across the United States in 89 markets ranging in size from as large as Washington, D.C., to as small as Ottumwa, Iowa and Kirksville, Missouri,” according to Wikipedia.

I think it would also be helpful context for the readers to know that Sinclair requires its news operations to run segments that are supportive of conservative candidates or conservatism in general.


— Brennan Amato, Baltimore

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