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Why won’t Republicans respect the 2nd Amendment — and their constituents? | READER COMMENTARY

Flowers sit near crime scene tape at Geneva Presbyterian Church on Tuesday, May 17, 2022, in Laguna Woods, California after a fatal mass shooting at the church the previous Sunday. (AP Photo/Ashley Landis, File)

I am fascinated by clever commentaries like Dave Anderson’s recent submission (”If Democrats show respect for the 2nd Amendment, Republicans will compromise on gun safety legislation,” June 2). Mr. Anderson seems so earnest in his attempt to bring us all together on the crisis of gun violence in America, but is he?

Mr. Anderson suggests that there is only one thing holding Republicans back from entertaining sensible gun restrictions. And you guessed it, it’s Democrats. His thesis is that Republicans would be onboard if Democrats would just “show respect for the Second Amendment.” That’s all.


The writer explains that it is very simple “if you threaten what I love, I will fight to keep it.” Well, guess what. Most of us love our families, our children and going to public places without the fear of being gunned down indiscriminately by rapid fire assault rifles. And we are ready to fight for that.

This article’s real intent seems to be to inject the word, “confiscation,” into the conversation. Pro-gun advocates use the straw man of confiscation as a shield from meaningful discussion. Confiscation, seriously? No one is “scheming” to confiscate that gun you love so much, except perhaps those Americans who are burying their children this week after an 18-year-old used his birthday money to buy an AR-15 since he couldn’t legally buy beer.


Mr. Anderson sums up his “meeting of the minds” argument with this: “I—f Democrats show respect for the Second Amendment, compromise is possible. If not, the slaughter will continue.”

I have another idea. Why don’t Republican lawmakers start showing respect for the Second Amendment? Stop raising money by fear mongering confiscation. Stop glorifying your long rifles on campaign ads and Christmas cards. Show some honest respect for your constituents and start doing the hard work of coming to the table with real ideas for real compromise. If not, the slaughter will continue.

— Mitch Vitullo, Columbia

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