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How to protect schools from right-wing extremists | READER COMMENTARY

Westminster High School junior Gabi Lorch, center, shows off her sign as protesters gather before a Carroll County Board of Education meeting in Westminster in May. File. (Dylan Slagle/Carroll County Times).

My thanks to Dhruvak Mirani for his clear and extensive commentary on the current right-wing attacks on public education (“Don’t get distracted by Dan Cox; Maryland boards of education are under threat from right-wing candidates, too,” Aug. 5).

I’d like to add one important note. The new grassroots organization, Red Wine and Blue, was formed this year to shed light on disinformation fueling book bans, school curricula and other issues that seem to have been hijacked by the right.


Red Wine and Blue has grown to several thousand people who plan to show up at school board meetings and other locations across the country. Our purpose is not to yell or argue, but to listen and counter disinformation. And we are a growing group of strong, mostly suburban, women who are not too shy to speak the truth, loudly, if necessary.

I invite all who are frustrated or tired of right-wing extremist views to contact Red Wine and Blue ( and get involved. Attend a “banned book” discussion group or a teacher-led Zoom session about the history of racism in the United States or learn how you can speak up against disinformation.


As has been so well documented in Mr. Mirani’s op-ed, public education is at risk. But it need not be hijacked by right-wing noise. Strong and growing, Red Wine and Blue is providing the support we need for the rest of us to be heard.

— Cynthia M. Lipsitz, Catonsville

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