President using scare tactics to justify border wall

President Donald Trump continues to try to use fear to make his case for his unnecessary and way too expensive wall (“Trump's wall, Trump's shutdown,” Dec. 12).

Doesn’t everyone recall the “caravan” which contained hardened criminals, carrying all kinds of drugs and horrible diseases? Since the election, have you heard even one word about it?

To bring up three isolated terrible crimes committed by illegal immigrants to help prove how dangerous they are is ludicrous on its surface. You could find crimes like this committed by any group you might choose. The government’s own statistics show that, percentage wise, more crimes are committed by U.S. citizens than by illegal immigrants (“Put border wall to a vote,” Jan. 7).

Finally, his assertion that the main problem of the Democrats was that the wall was to be made of concrete and that he would compromise and have it made of steel is laughable!

Jon Jacobson, Ruxton

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