Sarbanes protects pets

In December, Congress passed the 2018 Farm Bill with important protections for pets and people included (“Farmers fear another hit as shutdown threatens Trump ethanol vow,” Jan. 4). Thank you, Rep. John Sarbanes, for your work to ensure the Farm Bill included these life-saving measures.

Representative Sarbanes took a stand against animal abuse and cruelty by cosponsoring vital legislation passed as part of the final Farm Bill, the Pet and Women Safety (PAWS) Act. This measure protects victims of domestic violence and their pets by making crossing state lines to injure a pet a federal crime. It will also establish grants to help house victims and their at-risk pets and allow victims to recover veterinary costs.

Mr. Sarbanes has made the welfare of the most vulnerable members of his district a priority. We thank him for being the voice for the voiceless and working to enact strong animal welfare measures.

David London, Owings Mills

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