Sandler's kindness will be missed

The recent lauding of Gilbert Sandler in The Sun since his death is appreciated and well deserved (“Gil Sandler was Baltimore's raconteur and constant worrier,” Dec. 22). Allow me to add just one more: about five years ago, I heard one of Mr. Sandler's Baltimore Stories on WYPR about a women's hockey league in Baltimore in the 1930s. The story ultimately became the germ of my novel, Spitfire, which was published this past September. Because I was so intrigued by the story, I got in touch with Mr. Sandler and asked if he might be willing to give me "just a few minutes" to answer a couple of questions. More than an hour later, we got off the phone. He was, not surprisingly, entertaining, enthusiastic, and immensely gracious. In addition to his passion for the city and for a good story, his kindness will always stick with me. He will be missed.

Evan Balkan, Towson

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