There's more we can do to fight overdoses

We have not tried “everything” to reduce overdose fatalities, as Gov. Larry Hogan previously stated, and while I applaud The Sun’s efforts to describe other needed interventions (“After Larry Hogan vowed to take on Maryland's opioid epidemic, deaths soared. What happened?,” Oct. 10), there was no mention of the more contentious evidence-based interventions. Dozens of studies have proven safer consumption spaces are effective at preventing disease transmission, reducing overdose fatalities, and increasing access to care, but Mr. Hogan called this idea “insane” when legislation was introduced.

Additionally, there are fewer opioid-related deaths in states that have legalized cannabis and many reports of people using cannabis to ease the misery of opioid withdrawal or limit their use, yet legislation to allow medical cannabis to be used for addiction treatment stalled in the House of Delegates.

Lastly, if we decriminalized drug use entirely, people who use drugs would be less marginalized and less likely to use in riskier environments due to fear of police interference. In the face of this overdose crisis, we must do more.

Tricia Christensen, Silver Spring

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