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Paul Ryan will not be missed in Washington

Good riddance to House Speaker Paul Ryan (“Ryan’s GOP swept away by a Trumpian revolution,” April 11). This purported policy wonk and deficit hawk is leaving us with a huge deficit. At least he has achieved one of his major goals: The uber rich will be even richer as a result of the efforts of Mr. Ryan to decrease their tax liability.

Mr. Ryan's goal was to create a huge deficit that only a cutback in the entitlement programs can fix. We have been told that entitlement cutbacks would not impact those currently receiving Social Security and Medicare. These proposed cutbacks would only impact people not yet eligible for Social Security and Medicare. The next generation would be left out in the cold.

Our representatives in Congress are charged by their constituents to make these vital programs work. It is not their job to dismantle these programs that most Americans depend on. Mr. Ryan's leadership has been pathetic. In the announcement that he won’t run again for office, he congratulated himself with little regard for the truth. Mr. Ryan thinks he has achieved something by callously working to enrich a small portion of the citizenry on the backs of everyone else.

November cannot come soon enough. We need to get our country back on track. This will take a lot of hard work and will require all citizens to vote. We need to repair the damage done by President Donald Trump, Speaker Ryan and their Republican supporters. Mr. Ryan's announcement is the best news I've heard from Washington in a long time.

Edward McCarey McDonnell, Baltimore

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