Roland Park residents affirm commitment to reject racism after racial slur incident | READER COMMENTARY

We are residents of Roland Park, including many parents of children who currently or previously attended Roland Park Elementary Middle School. We are writing in response to your editorial “Racism in Roland Park,” Jan. 24. We are horrified by the incident you describe and extremely ashamed and saddened that it happened in our community. Like so many others, we find this behavior unconscionable and heartbreaking.

We write because we know the racism threaded throughout our city and country needs to be openly discussed and desperately needs to be corrected. Meaningful, positive interaction between all segments of our City can bring positive change, and we endeavor to be part of that. This horrific incident may be reflective of some of the bad practices of our neighborhood in the past, but we don’t want it to define our community going forward.


We live in a world filled with hate, racism, bias, and discrimination, including in our own backyard. Incidents like these are terrible reminders. We write to affirm our commitment to teach our children that racism is abhorrent, to intervene when we see others talking or acting in ways that are hateful, and to work toward making our own neighborhood, and any other community of which we are a part, respectful and inclusive of all.

Alberto Begue Aguado


N. Peter Armitage

Donna Basik

Judith Bass

David Beaudouin


Karen Beaudouin

Emile Bendit

Mark Benson

Sara Bigham

James H. Black, III

Elizabeth Black

Erin Boguski

Lois Borgenicht

James Bond

Cynthia Brower

Sidney Brower

Geoff Brown

Jennifer Buerger

Emily Boss

David Carey

Erik, Casey, Emily, Lindy, Sam and Will Briggs

Ann-Barron Carneal

Lucy Chittenden

Matt Collinge

Jim Considine

Chris Cortright

Ian Craig

Andrea Deleon

Meara Denton

Claudia Diamond

Phil Diamond

Melissa Diehl-Black

Judy Dobbs

Coni Douglas

Andrew Douglas

Natalia Drichko

Katherine Engelke

Ted Engleke

Chuck Fancher

Heidi Fancher

Andy Frank

Joan Freedman

Eleanor Frias

Mark Gaither

Pailin Gaither

Beth Gantt

David George

Becky Genberg

Tracy Gold

Leslie Goldsmith

Blake Goldsmith

Susan Goodwin

David Grant

Steve Grantz

Jeremy Greene

Elizabeth Greene

Phoebe Greene

Levi Greene

Martin Guinane

Ashley Handwerk

Chris Handwerk

Mark Hanna

Beth Harber

Kristin Herber

Lynn Heller

Emily Heinlein

Brian Holmes

Lucy Holmes

Martha Holleman

Michele Hong

David Hornbeck

Ginny Hornbeck

Matt Hornbeck

Rebecca Hornbeck

Debbie Jencks

Steve Jencks

Eugenie Jenkins

Theresa M James

Sarah Johnson

David Kandel

Sonya Kannam

Robin Kantor

David Kantor

Robin Kantor

Nancy Kass

Henry Kay

Caitlin Kennedy

Malinda Kennedy

Devra He'ui Kitterman

James Kitterman

Cara Shea Kohler

Hannah Kolkin

Jennifer Kraus

Betsy Krieger

Abigail Hurson

George Kaufman

Lulu Kaufman

Sara Kennedy

Brad Lamont

Jennifer Lamont

Richard Lamson

Gloria Lane

Julie Levin

Lindy Lord

Joy Mandel

Andrew Marani

Martha Marani

Joe Margolick

Michael Marinelli

Katrina Marinelli

Jane and Bobby Marinelli

Nina Markovic

Chris Marshall

Beth Marshall

Laurel Mawema

Anne Maxson

Martha McKenna

Don McPherson

Chris McSherry

Bill Merritt

Doug Miller

Aaron Milstone

Stacey Mink

Catherine Mitias

Tanya M. Morrel

Larry Moscow

Matt Mulcahy

Amy Myers

Nicole Namour-Abraham

Judith Nelson

Travers Nelson

Michael Novey

Rebecca O'Rourke

Kevin Osten

Evynn Overton

Kurt Overton

Amy Bonitz Palmer

Kostis Papadantonakis

Cindy Paradies

Louisa Peartree

Michelle Pasternack

Gary Pasternack

Trish Garcia Pilla

Jesse Polansky

Sarah Polk

Rosie Read

Stuart Rehr

Leah Renzi

Josh Renzi

Elizabeth Rice

Ken Rice

Allison, William and Caroline Rice

Jan Rivitz

Larry Rivitz

Jaime Roberts

Bruce Robertson

Samuel Robfogel

Emily Rockefeller

John D Rockefeller IV

Mari Rodrigues

Michael Rodrigues

Julie Rothman

Tricia Rubacky

Kathy Sacco

Elisabeth Sachs

Charles Schmitz

Sally Scott

Louise Phipps Senft

Stephanie Shapiro

Pam Stein

Pete Powell

Susan Powell

Craig Pulford

Cathy Reynolds-Winkler

Barrie Sigler

Carole Stile

Anne Stuzin

Philip Spevak

Ken Stuzin

Madeleine Stuzin

Devon Stuzin

Jack Stuzin

Ann Teaff

Cynthia Terry

Brooke Thomas

George Thomas

Will, Larson, Isabel, Margot and Ian Thomas

Kim Tortolani

Sean Tunis

Jennifer Turnham

Amy Urdang

David Utzschneider

Gordana Utzschneider

Jennifer Vey

Doug Vey

Heather Wade

Tom Waldron

Mimi Walters

Rita Walters

Meg Ward

Ellen Webb

Ted Wedel

Robin West

Gretchen Willging

Amy Winkelstein

Ted Winstead

Lisa Berlin Wittenstein

Robert Wittenstein

Samantha Wittenstein

Andrew Wolfe

Hie Jung Yoon

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