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The state needs to recognize Green and Libertarian parties

Your recent article concerning the de-recognition of both the Libertarian and Green Parties was complete and concise (“Green and Libertarian parties are technically no longer recognized in Maryland. Here's why..,” Mar. 20).

I would hope that your newspaper ("Light for All") would support the actions being taken by the Libertarian Party to be given ballot access since there are more than 20,000 registered Libertarians in Maryland and the Board of Elections' requirement is to obtain only 10,000 signatures.

Also, in the last election, only the votes for the gubernatorial candidate were considered in determining whether the party was to continue to be recognized. The requirement to receive 1 percent of the votes applied only to that election. Most of the Libertarian Party candidates received more than 2 percent of the votes for other offices. (For example, I received approximately 2.5 percent of the votes in the 7th Congressional District race.)

I think this issue, returning minor parties to the ballot, would be important to everyone who supports an open and active democratic process in our elections.

David Griggs, Columbia

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