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Fill in the blanks on Baltimore's real estate tax

Thanks to The Baltimore Sun for reporting on the proposed tax increase on real estate transactions in Baltimore City (“Council votes for real estate tax rises,” Oct. 16). In this brief but comprehensive article we learned how much money would be raised, how it would be used and who would benefit. We learned what the objections of the budget chief are and what the reaction of housing advocates was. We even learned what the (inevitable) exemptions for developers and the rich will be.

What we didn’t learn was how much the increase will cost the taxpayer when they sell or buy a home or how it will be levied. Is it a percentage? A flat fee? Will it be paid by the buyer or seller? This is information that might be valuable to those of us who own property in the city that we may someday wish to sell or to those who are thinking of moving into the city for some unknown reason.

Maybe The Sun could spare a few words to inform us, the middle class homeowners, since it is we who will ultimately foot the bill.

Mac Nachlas, Baltimore

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