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Ravens players looking winded | READER COMMENTARY

Baltimore Ravens linebacker Odafe Oweh (99) celebrates during a game against the Buffalo Bills, Sunday, Oct. 2, 2022 in Baltimore. (AP Photo/Daniel Kucin Jr.)

Despite clinging to a rapidly shrinking lead, some of the Baltimore Ravens players late in the Buffalo Bills game were signaling that they were “gassed” and needed relief (”NFL power rankings, Week 5: Bills solidify top spot with comeback win over Ravens,” Oct. 4).

Why did this happen in a National Football League game? The players were letting everyone know that they were not in condition to play 60 minutes of NFL football.


The Ravens training program this year was so focused on avoiding injuries that physical fitness apparently fell by the wayside. In training camp, most contact was avoided (often because of NFL rules). Many front line players entirely skipped preseason games, and others were given days off when the players thought they needed them.

The results of all this caution is showing up in the second half disasters.


Maybe this lack of work by the players is necessary, but it should be at least noted by the professional writers at The Baltimore Sun.

— Harry G. Beck, Parkville

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