Pugh's fall is now certain

As with any large structure on this earth, once the base begins to crumble away it won’t be long before the entire structure falls to the ground. And so it is with the mayorship of Catherine Pugh (“Greater Baltimore Committee calls on Mayor Pugh to resign, signaling loss of support from business community,” April 12). She managed to climb to the epitome of her career only to destroy it herself due to her greed.

The Greater Baltimore Committee, a group of influential business and civic leaders, issued a call Friday for Ms. Pugh to resign, saying she no longer had “public trust or moral authority.” Donald C. Fry, president of the GBC, stated the obvious that is known to all in Baltimore when he said, “this was a difficult decision requiring a great deal of thought, but the GBC believes the mayor can no longer provide the leadership and effective government that Baltimore needs and deserves at this time.” First , the City Council and now the the Greater Baltimore Committee. Even I called for her resignation for whatever that is worth.

It is only a matter of time before Ms. Pugh has to either recover from her “illness,” face the public and resign, or resign due to her illness which would at least leave her some honor until the investigations reveal her true sins of influence peddling to sell her books. And as I stated before, others will also fall as more of the foundation crumbles — until there is no more except the dust that was once the mayorship of Catherine Pugh.

Stas Chrzanowski, Baltimore

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