Political correctness goes too far in criticism of SNL skit

Garrett Zink criticizes Saturday Night Live for allowing Fred Armisen (who is not Middle Eastern) to portray Mohammed bin Salman in a skit (“Hold 'SNL' accountable for 'honeyface,’” Jan. 4). He goes on to raise objections to Mr. Armisen’s portrayal of former President Barack Obama with a "really, were there no black actors able to pull it off in 2008?"

I did not see either of these skits, but based on my recollection of similar fare on SNL, they were probably both funny and in good taste.

We have gone beyond logic in political correctness. To be fair, the next thing he should protest is the play Hamilton. Could they really not find any white actors to play a key role in the play?

I have also seen many movies and shows where Christian actors played Jews and vica versa. Couldn't they find a person of the “proper” religion to play the part? When will this insanity end?

Murray Jacobson, Baltimore

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