Readers Respond

Stronach running circles around Baltimore

This section of grandstand was closed to race fans on Preakness day this year. Whether the race course will be rehabilitated or not remains uncertain.

It is really time for Mayor Bernard C. “Jack” Young and the Baltimore City Council to open their eyes and realize that The Stronach Group and the Maryland Jockey Club is making a total fool of Baltimore with respect to Pimlico Race Course (“Jockey Club stirs up track debate,” June 19). They just don’t give a damn what the wishes of Baltimore are with regard to Pimlico. They are moving on with their own agenda to move the Preakness to Laurel while openly lying to Baltimore that they will in good faith discuss Pimlico.

They are openly robbing Peter to pay Paul and appeasing Baltimore with false hopes of keeping the Preakness in Baltimore. Wake up, Mayor Young, and look at what they are doing. Allowing Pimlico to fall apart to the point that Maryland will have to move the Preakness if there is to be one.


Take control of the money and demand a part in the approval process for the state’s Racetrack Renewal Fund before the actual spending or no reimbursement.

Stas Chrzanowski, Baltimore