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Baltimore City Council members don’t deserve a pension | READER COMMENTARY

The Beaver Blood Moon is seen in full eclipse beyond the Baltimore City Hall dome the same day city voters voted to approve term limits on members of the Baltimore City Council. Nov. 8, 2022. (Jerry Jackson/Baltimore Sun).

I have an idea that should be acceptable to most residents of Baltimore. Create a 401(k) benefit for members of the Baltimore City Council and have the city match to a certain point. That way they can make contributions to their retirement (like the rest of us) for the eight years they are in office (”Baltimore voters approved term limits last month. A city councilman is already moving to repeal them.” Dec. 8).

There is no reason they should be collecting a pension for a lifetime for a part-time job. I have had part-time jobs for more than eight years, and nobody ever gave me a pension, much less for a lifetime. Better yet, set up a profit-sharing plan. That way, they won’t spend our money frivolously. They may raise our taxes to have more money at the end of the year, but they won’t win reelection that way.


— Steven Pinson, Baltimore

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