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What Pence will and won't do

Vice President Mike Pence said he left the Colts-49ers game because the players disrespected, “our soldiers, our flag, our national anthem. (“Vice President Mike Pence leaves 49ers-Colts game after players protest during anthem,” Oct. 8) I haven’t heard one word from any player who said their protests had anything to do with soldiers, the flag or the anthem. Nor do I know how the courts would deal with this issue, but disrespecting the flag as a protest has been settled. Antonin Scalia, truly a conservative’s conservative, and then some, voted with the majority, and the First Amendment, that burning the flag, the ultimate disrespect, is protected by law.

The vice president has said he won’t have a meal with a woman without his wife being present, but he will support a man who disrespects women, has bragged about sexually assaulting women and has shamed women publicly in a very cruel, vulgar manner. He won’t support the players’ and owners’ right to protest, but he will stand by when the president says some “very fine people” were among those protesting in the streets promoting Nazism, racism, denigrating Jews, minorities and the United States. He won’t object to President Donald Trump’s calls for violence at his rallies, his many, very obvious lies, his constant bullying of any and every one, his disgraceful opinion of a judge’s ability because of his Mexican heritage, and on and on, but he will commit to the principles of Christianity, to hear him tell it.

Because of what Mr. Pence, Republican politicians and Trump supporters will do — ignore Mr. Trump’s ideas, speech and behavior — and what they won’t do — speak up for what’s right — they’re contributing to the very serious decline in our national identity, political ability and our standing in the world.

Jeffrey Michael Bolden, Washington, D.C.

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