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Don’t toss used gloves and masks in the street | READER COMMENTARY

This photo taken on May 21, 2020 and provided by environmental group Operation Mer Propre (Operation Clean Sea) shows plastic gloves and face masks and other wastes on the floor of the Mediterranean Sea off Antibes in southern France. A French environmental group is trying to raise awareness and clean it up. (Operation Mer Propre via AP)

My husband and I have been taking a lot of walks around our neighborhood in Pikesville lately. It is appalling to see all the discarded gloves and masks in the street. Do people think it’s sanitary to dispose of their gloves and masks that way (“Marylanders are required to wear a face mask. How do you make one? And other frequently asked mask questions,” April 18)?

Maybe Baltimore and Baltimore County should post signs telling people not to do it like we now have “clean up after your dog” signs?


Judy Floam, Pikesville

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