Open borders are a money-maker for the wrong people

Who is in favor of open borders (“Border wall negotiations devolve into on-camera shouting match between President Trump, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer?” Dec. 11)? The drug cartel is in favor of no borders. Those who take our children off our streets and sell them into slavery do not want borders. Those who are making illegal immigrants give every cent they own to travel illegally through several nations to the United States don't want a border. Those who want parts of the U.S.A. returned to Mexico and want to send their agents into our country don't want a border. Radical Islamists who want to send their killers into our country don't want a border. Countries who want to hide their people who need mental services or dire health services among the crowds crossing the border don't want borders. And Democrats don't want borders.

They had the government under President Barack Obama for a long time and did nothing about the problem. They have had compromised laws offered them and they would rather fight to get 100 percent of what they want. Why is this? There is a lot of money out there from those who want open borders. Maybe we need an investigation on who has given and gotten the money so that the borders remain open.

Rev. Michael T. Buttner, Bel Air

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