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U.S. should leave Nicaragua alone | READER COMMENTARY

I have been thrilled with President Joe Biden and the people he has surrounding him. He is already doing many good things. But there is one thing that’s bothersome. When the Russians interfered with our elections, we were upset with them, we called them out, and threatened sanctions. Well, we are now doing that same thing with Nicaragua (”U.S., Britain, Canada slap sanctions on Nicaraguan officials in coordinated action,” Nov. 15).

I am embarrassed. I am confused. I am angry. Why? The United States has invaded that country many times.


I’ve been to Nicaragua 25 times on mission trips, so I know Nicaragua. The Biden administration should leave Nicaragua alone. About 76% of the people want the present administration because the Frente Sandinista de Liberación Nacional or FLSN is doing wonderful things for them.

Free food for children, free health care, free schooling, and 95% of the people have electricity. Streets that used to be dirt are now paved with concrete.


I received a letter form a women in Nicaragua saying it is the best government ever. And President Biden is going to take that away? I fear Mr. Biden’s aides are making false statements to him.

Leave Nicaragua alone, please.

Bob Swensen, Glen Arm

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