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Trump is right: NFL players disrespect U.S.

It is discouraging to see the continued media message that President Donald Trump is solely to blame for the public fiasco resulting from the NFL players “take a knee” protests (“Former Ravens receiver Torrey Smith blasts Donald Trump for canceling Eagles’ White House visit,” June 5). President Trump is simply stating what the majority of Americans feel and believe regardless of what the ultra-liberal media are desperately trying to make us believe.

The players’ claims that his comments are racist are simply not true – numerous white players have participated in the protests as well and his comments are directed all who blatantly show disrespect for our nation’s flag. The players’ claims that their actions are not disrespectful of the flag and the military, but rather to protest ongoing racism and actions taken by police (many of whom are black) against blacks and others of color in America come across as hollow. If it looks like a rose and smells like a rose, it’s a rose. And if players are taking a knee during the playing of the national anthem, then they are in fact showing disrespect for our flag regardless of trying to spin their messaging otherwise.

Part of me wishes the players would continue this egregious act to the point where professional football is no longer financially viable due to lack of ticket sales and viewer interest, simply to end this disgusting and never-ending mess. As far as players choosing not to attend a White House ceremony, that’s showing disrespect for the office of president. Many of us did not agree with nor like actions or statements of President Barack Obama, but we never devolved into blatant acts of disrespect for the office. Rather than claiming pride and courage in taking their disrespectful actions, these players should feel shame and remorse for diminishing the value of respect for our country.

I have zero belief that will happen. Oh, and rather than harming President Trump, these continued actions will only serve to strengthen the resolve of those who voted for him in 2016 to do so again in 2020, simply because we are literally sick and tired of these baseless and divisive actions.

Jerry Cothran, Baltimore

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