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In addressing Baltimore crime, we need specifics | READER COMMENTARY

Remnants of crime scene tape is seen on the 4700 block of Vancouver Road where a child was found dead following an intentional fire on April 8, 2022. (Jerry Jackson/ The Baltimore Sun)

As a resident of our fair city, Peter Beilenson’s column of April 24, “A three-point plan to address Baltimore’s crime problem,” seemed clichéd and weak, though he was one of our better city health commissioners.

Problem is — as with most “pundits” and media — the specifics are never there, and I predict nothing will change. Nowhere does Dr. Beilenson address the gun issues, the “iron pipeline” by which guns come into the city; the weak law enforcement; the failure of the Baltimore Police Department; the lack of gun control from Annapolis. We need relevant spokesmen and women. Where are the wise adults in this room?


— David Eberhardt, Baltimore

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