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Let the people know contents of Mueller report

My first reaction to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s comments about how information regarding uncharged suspects should not be released was: “Is he kidding?” In a perfect world, the FBI and the Justice Department would be held in such high regard that no one would even consider the possibility of corruption in either of these two globally-esteemed criminal justice organizations. But this most definitely is not a perfect world, is it? Both the FBI and the DOJ have recently being subjected to close scrutiny predicated upon so far unproven allegations of outright corruption. Mr. Rosenstein himself has been subject to such scrutiny concerning actions that he has taken during current investigations (“Rod Rosenstein says Justice Department should not release info on uncharged subjects,” Feb. 25).

My point is this: Why would anyone allow any organization that is being questioned as to its integrity and ethics to pick and chose exactly which “subjects” of those investigations it will reveal? It is obvious, even to the common citizen, that there is functioning in the nation today a double standard as to the enforcement of this country’s laws. Some “criminals” are prosecuted to the full extent of the law, while other “criminals” enjoy freedom, seemingly unencumbered by any concern of being prosecuted for their crimes.

The power to decide exactly who will be charged and who will not is awesome. In a corrupted system, which we could very well have, there should be no “Get Out of Jail Free” cards issued. None! The people have a right to know what is going on.

Bob Di Stefano, Abingdon

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