Why isn't there more outrage about the closing of Monarch?

Where is the outrage that the Baltimore School system is taking it upon itself to close the Monarch Academy charter school?

Almost 1,000 families have chosen this school as their best option for their child's education over a local public school. If Baltimore wanted this school to thrive and succeed it would (“Closing of Monarch Academy more about dislike for charters than problems with the school,” Jan. 4).

Keep in mind that the Baltimore School system has now decided to close a school backed by The Children’s Guild, which is one of the great local charitable organizations in Baltimore. A group that for 45 years or more has been helping kids in Baltimore.

Everyone is talking about community redevelopment? What is closing this school going to do to this community? I guarantee it is not positive (“Closing Monarch Academy Baltimore will traumatize students,” Jan. 1). What does it say to other charitable organizations that want to invest in or help Baltimore?

Get behind this school and help it succeed and do the same for other charities trying to make a difference in this city. We need all the help we can get to make Baltimore the best it can be.

Steve Shaw, Owings Mills

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